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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays!
Photos from the Christmas holidays themed fashion shoot for Emiisa F design, late December, last year.

Kuva&Kamera 2014

Yet again the time of year, when camera hobbyists and photographers gather around messukeskus to test new gear, hear presentations, watch photography exhibitions and meet colleagues/friends. This year a lot more crowd and many interesting presentations to watch, turn to better direction I must say. More coptercam and video rig solutions present than before and yet again Nikon not being present at all. Big differences also how companies and their booth staff interact with possible new customers. Best ones starting active conversations with people wandering nearby while some ignored the audience interested about their offerings.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Some of my portrait/fashion work from this year. Been a rough & rewarding at the same time. Lets make the 2014 even more awesome photo year!